I’ll Sleep When I Die (update 2)

2 05 2009

      I’ve been doing this 4-5 hours of sleep thing for four weeks now, and honestly, I haven’t noticed a fragment of a difference from my previous experience on 7-8 hours of sleep. In fact, if there’s been any change at all, they’ve been POSITIVE changes:

  1. I blast out of bed far more swiftly than I ever have.
  2. When I do go to sleep, I don’t toss and turn, I’m out fast.
  3. I am awake for an additional 3 to 4 hours each day!

      Seriously, its hard to see why I ever slept for 8 hours.

      At the same time, I have this odd feeling that this MUST come back and bite me at some point, everyone tells me it will and my entire life I’ve heard that we need a solid 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function at our best.

      Well, we’ll just have to see about that. If I end up developing permanent raccoon eyes or find myself hollucinating, it might be time for a nap :}.

      But UNITL THEN it seems like frankly… I’m getting more juice our of life by NOT SLEEPING.


I’ll Sleep When I Die (update 1)

26 04 2009
A "bed"? I wouldn't know how to use one of those things.

A "bed"? I wouldn't know how to use one of those things.


      I’ve always had a slight aversion to slumber. I wouldn’t call myself type – A, I’m not a stressed out fellow, but I like doing things, I like striving towards my meaningful objectives.

      Recently I’ve had more exciting, meaningful objectives than ever. After waking up a few VERY early morning to teach private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons, I discovered that I could run a whole day on 2 hours of sleep no problem.

      Then I realized that I could sleep for only 4 hours after sleeping for only 2 hours the night before.

      Then I got to the point I am now, where I sleep somewhere around 5 horus per night, and I love it.

      As a disclaimer, you may have you get yourself PUMPED on some very compelling objectives in order to do this, but I found that its actually quite easy. Now I get to stay up SUPER late and study philosophy, work on inquiry, sing karaoke at the bar, or type up exciting new blog stuff!

      Honestly I feel like my ability to write isn’t all that hindered by my lack of “recommened” sleep hours. I also don’t feel less efficacious in exercising. I’m not even drinking coffee daily.


      Hey, this Living Experiment might crash and burn, but I’m going a couple weeks now and feeling strong!

      Ironically enough I’m actually about to write my to-do list for tomorrow and pass out. I promise I won’t sleep for muct more than 5 hours, though.