How to Create a Life Experiment (Design Your Life)

5 05 2009



      “Do not be too timid ot squeemish about your actions. Life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

      A life experiment is a project that we come up with to explore new horizons in our capacities and our experience. They are opportunities to consciously hone in on and learn from different aspects of our lives.

      I have recently been getting more into life experiments, with one of my current projects involving 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night without exceptions.

      I life project, however, might include any area of your life that you would like to dive into or gain a richer experience of.

  • You might decide to do creative writing every morning for an hour.
  • You might decide to work out at the gym every day for two months.
  • You might decide to redesign and reorganize every room in your house.
  • Maybe you’ll throw out your wardrobe and replace it.
  • Maybe you’ll aim to overcome social anxiety (karaoke, acting, etc…)

      The ideas are obviously endless, but how do you design a Life Experiment suited for you?

      Here I’ll dish out a few tips for coming up with a unique, personally-applicable Life Experiment, and how to make the most of it:


  1. Identify improvable areas: Before anything else, get some perspective on yourself in terms of  what you want to enhance in your life. A Life Experiment (or “lifex”) involves any kind of consciously aligned, purposefully altered change in your career, routine, behavior, eating habits, etc… 
  2. Understand the purpose: For instance, if your life experiment involves planning out your activities every day for a week, know why you are doing this. It is likely that your goal is to improve your productivity and bring you more time with your children, or to cultivate the habit of organization, or to accomplish more in a meaningful project (art, writing, community development, etc…).
  3. Make it compelling: If your “lifex” doesn’t get you juiced, come up with another on. This should be a genuine yearning for growth and a rich experience, something exciting and relevant to you. Hence, why it must be purposefully chosen. If you identify an area they you truly want to improve, and you know your purpose – the “why” for your action – you aught to be pumped!


      At this point, its really only logistics you have to concern yourself with. If a “lifex” is something you’re serious about getting yourself into, then you’ll find a way to alter your routine or alter your plan to fit it in and gain some awesome new skills and experience.

      So do you have an idea of some potential Life Experiments yet? Do you think it’ll be feasible for you? If your experiment passes this test there’s a good chance you’re on your way to something awesome:


      Here’s the real test:

      Ask yourself; “If I follow through on this, will I gain something valuable in my own development no matter what?”


      If your answer is “yes,” then I’m excited for you, because if you’ve got a compelling idea in mind, you’re probably going to be “lifex-ing” in the near future.

      Think about it, if you jog every morning religiously for a month, won’t you at least have learned more about your body in exercise, and gained some insight into the health effects of this change? 

      If you went out and talked to 20 members of the opposite sex per week, would you have at least expanded your capacities socially? Isn’t it possible that this would result in some fun times, and an awesome habit of social confidence?

      Find something for yourself, get clear on a few potential “lifex’s” and get out and make some enriching, life-changing memories.