What is the Value of Friendship?

28 04 2009
The Chinese symbol for "Friendship"

The Chinese symbol for "Friendship"


What do you value about your friends and the time you spend with them? Is your emotional experience enhanced by their presence? Do you learn from them, teach them? Is friendship some kind of innate need that we should all see as vital?

Tell us what the value of friendship is to you.


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Why do we have children?

25 04 2009


What motivates us to want to bring a child into the world? Do we see them as carrying on our last name and the heritage of our family or culture? Do we yearn for them to stand for the causes we stand for when we die? Do we yearn to have a child of our own our of some kind of instinct?

You might want to ask your parents on this one.




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What is the Justification of Monogamy?

24 04 2009


      Why do we monogamously commit to a single individual?

      Is it because we never have desire to be romantically involved with another? Does monogamy protect us from the pain of knowing our partner is with others? 


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What is Fulfillment?

24 04 2009


      What comes to mind when you think of a fulfilled person, or a fulfilling activity, or a fulfilling life?

      From your perspective, what is fulfillment and how is it attained?


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