I am interested in philosophy’s potential to aide us in understanding our own self-actualization, and in bringing new clarity to our practices of living through the philosophical process, as well as through an understanding of psychology and our own tendencies

      It started with a fascination for human potential, for growth an enjoyment. I plan to dedicate my life to the understanding of fulfillment.

      I love studying anything at all, but I have a particular enthusiastic drive to understand that which I can apply directly to the enrichment of human life – to self actualization and self development.

      Other things I dig include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (www.danfaggella.com), friendship, fitness, personal finance and investing, building stone structures (as seen in the image above), dancing, and tall chicks. 


      Give me a shout and let me know what you think of my humble ideas, and if you’d like to offer a link that I might put up here on my site. 

      Read on, enjoy!

Dan Faggella <danfaggella@gmail.com>


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