Champion Momentum

4 05 2009



      Sometimes you’re not feeling it. We’ve all been in situations where we don’t feel as though we’re up for a certain task, and we find ourselve’s “loafing,” “dilly-dallying,” or whatever else your grandpa used to call it. Basically you’re not getting things done.

      It might be talking to a group of people at a networking event, it might be going for a run or a swim, it might be confronting someone on an important but unpleasant topic.

      When you’re in this state, you’re floundering – your physical and mental faculties are clouded and poorly used. In these instances, you only have access to the resourses of… well… floundering!

      You’re wondering if you should really be doing this, you’re thinking about the other things you could be doing, you’re focusing on how you aren’t in the appropriate state for this activity, et cetera.

      Time to snap out of it, how to get access to the resourses of your full, focused faculties:


      Champion Momentum –

  •       Set yourself on a roll. This involves first understanding that the task at hand is what is best. Be conclusive about this, leave the fluttery mental space you found yourself in. You have a purpose, and this is it. If you don’t realize this then you won’t adequately be able to follow through with the rest of the process!
  •       Now think about a champion of your task. This might be a champion in the martial arts, a champion of writing, a champion of social situations – whatever your task might be. We all can come to understand what our ideals are.
  •       The last step in this brief little process involves living through this ideal for a set amount of time – I’d say 15 to 20 minutes to set your momentum. This could be 15 to 20 minutes of doing exactly what a champion would do – whether your task be cold-calling, studying, exercising, et cetera.

      After 15 to 20 minutes of rolling on this momentum of your ideal behaviors and thoughts, you’ll find yourself on the way to completing your task, and in a champion state, a state conducive to your goal specifically, a state thats letting you streamline your faculties.

      Plus, this habit will bring you past the initial hump of deciding and acting – it will take you out of “flounder-mode.” Once you’ve been sitting doing cold-calls for the last 15 minutes – at least with your ideal behavior and focus in mind – it won’t be remotely difficult to stay there for another 15 minutes and make all your calls. The same goes for any activity.

      Remember, this exercise is about getting outself into the most adaptive state possible and engaging yourself full-force on action – bringing you to focus and accomplish immediately. Give it a shot and tell me how you like it.




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