1000 Words per Minute! (update 1)

2 05 2009



      Ever since I was in third grade I can remember being a slow reader. I was the slowest in my entire class. Even just a few months ago I was reading most material at the same speed I could say it out loud (200 words per minute).

      Then I realized just how much more I could take in if I didn’t have to sounds the words out in my hear one by one. How many more books could I read in a year?! How much more information could I take in and process towards self-development and writing my own material?!

      So I ordered “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading.” Not because I think I’m a complete idiot, or even a partial idiot, but because the book had good reviews and didn’t cost me much.

      A few months in and my comfortable reading speed is up to about 500 word per minute.

      So here’s the experiment:

      I want to be able to read 1000 words per minute by July 1st, 2009.

      That means doubling my current reading speed and keeping my comprehension in tow months. I had this written down as one of my “by 2010” goals, but seriously, I think I can do it in less time.

      If I don’t, at least you’ll have some funny stories to read about me trying. I’ll b posting back here in a few weeks time with another update, stay tuned.




2 responses

2 05 2009
Kristjan-Olari Leping

1000 word per minute is difficult to achieve, but you can do it if you take it really serious. Having written goals is a helpful way of motivating yourself.

If you want to read that fast you have to do a lot of work with widening your field of vision and you have to develop very good concentration abilities. If you have a wide field of vision then you can read big blocks of word within one fixation of your eyes. It will give huge benefits, but it needs regular training. Concentration is also vital as if you want to read that fast, then there is absolutlely no room for letting your thought wander away from the text.

It is important that you practice every day. If you want to reach 1000 wpm then you should practice at least one hour a day.

2 07 2009
Tomasz Banas

Hi Kristjan,,

What’s your status on 1000 words per minute goal?

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