Record the “Keepers!”

26 04 2009
Trap all those poignant ideas you want to keep

Trap all those poignant ideas you want to keep


      Haven’t you made a point to remember something, and maybe you wrote it on a sticky note or the back of a receipt – but lost it.

      Maybe you read something and knew that you wanted that bit of knowledge, or that fact, or phrase – but the mental “want” didn’t translate to recording it?

      Here I’m going to go into a practice that I just began a few months ago for myself. I call it “Recording the Keepers.”


      I recently began learning in a whole bunch of new realms, including personal finance and marketing, and at the same time I’m going to be graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement).

      I began thinking to myself “how am I going to keep track of all of this?” I knew that there were many facets of my education that I wanted to be able to retain forever – useful information about exercise regimens, treating injuries, understanding IRAs, et cetera.

      So, I started ARCHIVES on my mac book. I have one with all the poignant kinesiology information I always want to be able to reference, one for personal finance knowledge, one about sales and marketing, and today I just started one for cooking! (I have been “culinarily dabbling” recently)

       These lists will always be developing, some facts will change and new important information will be added.

      This gives me reference to core information in designated documents, so I won’t have to search the Internet for 30 minutes trying to find the American College of Sports Medicine’s flexibility recommendations.


       The awesome part of this practical tip, is that you can record “keepers” in any area of life. Plus, recording things again, and typing / writing them out will further ingrain them into your head.

      Maybe you could record gardening information so you don’t have to flip throug your books every year.

      Maybe you could record some magic moments you have with friends or relatives – little memories you want to have for a lifetime.


      Find some areas where you’d want to record keepers and start a log, computer is good so is paper. I prefer computer myself because I take my laptop everywhere anyway, but you do what would be best for you – you might have a lot of fun picking out a nice spiral bound notebook.

      Everyone can probably think of at least one area in their life where they have information that they’d like to record and have on hand. If this is something that resonates with you, identify a good one, and record a bit today.




2 responses

1 05 2009

Ey Dan, Awsome ideas! I’m going to do this “keeper recording” with a bunch of ISH (haha). I’m reading a cool psychology book right now… times to start a “keeper” file!


18 05 2009
Tara Page

Great Ideas, I also record my Keepers and had just written a blog entry on my site today about it. I use my Diary section of My Investing Tools, which is categorized out into many useful categories that are used for personal reflection, goals, book reviews, and trading type information. I record everything in there, even though they aren’t all trading/investing ideas. I even have parenting ideas in there that I don’t want to lose! Here is my blog entry:

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